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Compact Greenough zoom stereomicroscope solution for demanding applications.  

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Practical zoom stereomicroscope

Compact Greenough zoom stereomicroscope solution for demanding applications

The SMZ-140 line is the most versatile stereomicroscope manufactured by Motic. The list of applications may seem only a few, but each day presents another opportunity to incorporate this fantastic microscope into one’s system. The basic model is a zoom stereomicroscope system with a zoom ratio of 1:4 and a working distance of  80 mm based upon the Greenough optical system. The Greenough optical system displays crisp, stereoscopic images while having the ruggedness to handle harsh environments of the laboratory or machines.

With three optical carrier options and numerous stands and accessories, the SMZ-140 can be configured to your requirements. The overall system produces a maximum magnification of 180X and a maximum working distance of 200mm depending on the configuration chosen by you. In addition, the compact size of the SMZ-140 permits it into areas of limited space or the option of having several units where one could only fit with regular zoom stereomicroscopes. Another option with the SMZ-140 series is the built-in digital versions DM-143 [2-megapixal camera] and DMW-143 [3-simultaneous outputs] versions.


  • Compact size
  • Available in a trinocular and 60° head versions
  • Two choices of built in digital camara head
  • 5 Achromat auxiliary objectives
  • Max system magnification of 180X
  • Wide range of arms and stands
  • Available in two digital versions: DM-143 and DMW-143



The SMZ140's vast assortment of accessories create a modular feel to the microscope, opening solutions to demanding applications. The following are some sample applications.

Economic Wire Bonders: The addition of the SMZ-140 with industrial holder onto one’s economic or small-scale wire bonder gives one’s customers the optical power and performance of an upscale model at an entry level price.

SMZ-140 for Die Bonders: The size and the optical performance of the SMZ-140 allows one the opportunity to add a high-performance optical microscope for inspection of one’s die bonder without reconfiguring the system.

Spot Inspection: Integrating the SMZ-140 with one of the available stands and illumination provides a spot inspection site to randomly test the quality of working being performed during that particular shift.

LED Inspection: Combining the optical quality of the SMZ-143 with the real-time filters of the Moticam 2000, defects or potential sources of defects can be identified before the damage [both economically and mechanically] can happen.

The completely lead-free manufacturing of the microscope and its optics follow the RoHS regulations of environment and user protection.

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